MPC CVAO poster mvp final 

Ocean-atmosphere Interactions at the CVAO: MarParCloud

M. van Pinxteren, K. W. Fomba, H. Herrmann and extemal partners



Mineral dust influence on particle composition in Northern Africa

N. Deabji, K. W. Fomba, A. Mellouki, H. Herrmann



Long-term source apportionment of organic aerosols at Melpitz

S. Atabakhsh, L. Poulain, A. Bigi, M. C. Coen, M. Pöhlker, H. Herrmann



Aqueous Phase Reactions of Isoprene-derived Hydroxy Hydroperoxides (ISOPOOH)

P. Mettke, E. Poschart, T. Schaefer, H. Herrmann



T-and pH-dependent OH Radical Kinetics of Lactic Acid, Glyceric Acid and Methylmalonic Acid in the Aqueous Phase

T. Schaefrer, Y. Hu, Y. Zhang, H. Herrmann

European Meeting on Environmental Chemistry


Diurnal profiles of summertime secondary organic aerosol constituents with different sampling approaches in Melpitz, Germany

J. Beck, D. van Pinxteren, L. Poulain, H. Herrmann




 EAC2023 abstract C

First insight in Antarctic aerosol particle composition regarding amino acids with a new HILIC-ESI-TOF-MS method

C. Breitenstein, M. van Pinxteren, S. Zeppenfeld, H. Herrmann


EGU23 1134 print 1 

Transparent exopolymer particles (TEP) in the tropical oligotrophic Atlantic Ocean: Sea-to-air transfer and atmospheric in situ formation

M. van Pinxteren, T. B. Robinson, S. Zeppenfeld, O. Wurl, H. Wex, A. Engel, H. Herrmann



Effects of Saharan dust events on ambient PM oxidative potential

E. J. S. Souza, K. W. Fomba, N. Deabji, H. Herrmann



Chemical cloud processing impacts abundance of methylamines in the marine atmosphere

E. H. Hoffmann, A. Tilgner, H. Herrmann